About IWB Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed carry holsters support the act of carrying a handgun or other firearm in public in a concealed manner keeping the pros and cons of the holster in mind. IWB carry holsters stand for Inside Waistband holsters, to carry a handgun that you are proficient enough to use. This concealed carry holster is useful in a public forum without revealing your identity.


The cheap plastic holsters are fragile enough in contrast to that of well-designed qualitative holsters. An IWB holster, made of leather, resembles suede with a belt and tunnel loop. It is carried inside the pants, and there is an option of tucking a shirt over that holster in order to make it concealed. These concealed IWB holsters are durable and adjustable apart from being safe. IWB concealed carry holsters works in more than one scenario as it is adjustable for the small compact, subcompact, or pocket pistols as well as advantageous for concealed reinforcement. The benefits of IWB holsters are as follows:


  • It can be accommodated in the body comfortably.
  • These holsters facilitate re-holstering with one hand.
  • IWB holsters can be attached to the belt in a variety of ways.


These are the three main advantages of IWB holsters apart from the most salient features of concealment.   See IWB Holsters for more information.

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