Essential Tips for Choosing Hybrid Holsters

The basic purpose of using a hybrid IWB holster is to carry a handgun well-concealed inside the trouser. While using this type of holster, it is not needed to use a long jacket or un-tucked shirt in order to conceal the gun. The main issue with these holsters is that a lot of users complain about the discomfort of a long day of carrying. However, with the right kind of hybrid holster, you can always overcome discomfort and carry your firearm for long hours concealed inside your trouser. Here are a few essential tips for choosing the right hybrid holsters:


  • Select the right model: This is the first and foremost thing. You should select hybrid holsters that are particularly made for the model of handgun you own. An improper holster will only increase the discomfort and can also be a serious hindrance while taking out the gun at the time of an emergency.
  • The fit: Before you buy the hybrid holster, check the gap between your skin and the outer cover of the holster while wearing it with the gun. The gap should be less to make the carrying comfortable. A perfect holster should hold the gun at the exact place you keep it unless pulled out manually.
  • The safety: A hybrid holster should provide full coverage to the trigger to protect it from contact with any outside object.


These tips can be quite helpful for choosing the right hybrid holster that will give you the best service in the best way.  Check out Old Faithful Holsters for more information.

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