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Old Faithful Holsters is the leader in gun holster kits. You deserve a holster with more expensive and higher quality materials than any other gun holster on the market. And, if you are willing to assemble it yourself you can have it for about HALF of the cost. Don’t buy just one gun holster from the other guys. Buy a gun holster for every gun you own and do it for less!

It is available in various stages of completion so you can just screw it together or mold the kydex yourself for that rare gun you own.

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Premium Molded Holster Kit

The Premium Molded Holster Kit comes with a completely finished Pre-Molded Kydex shell! All you have to do is assemble.

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The Molded Holster Kit comes with a molded shell and everything else you need to assemble your holster. All you have to do is trim the shell and assemble.
A great holster starts with great leather. It is the foundation of our holster that everything else is built upon. It starts with the perfect shape for a natural draw and all-day comfort. Our American made leather is drum dyed and hot stuffed and needs no finishing. After drum dying it is impregnated with the perfect formula of waxes and oils to create a durable yet flexible leather. Then the grain and flesh is finished with a rich, beautiful aniline dye to show off the natural texture. Last, the color is sealed in and then it is finished with a wax coat to give it a look like none other! You won’t find a leather this nice on ANY other hybrid holster.

The clips make sure your holster doesn’t come loose when you draw your weapon and the “Molded Deluxe Holster Kit” includes sturdy steel belt clips instead of plastic clips so you’ll know your holster will perform properly when you need it to. They are heat treated and are coated with black oxide so they won’t rust or lose their shape, no matter how many years of service they give you.

The Kydex is the plastic frame that holds your pistol to the leather. We have found the perfect balance of form and function with our shells. It is thicker than most other holster makers use for added strength, but not so thick that we can’t get a good reliable mold of the pistol. Our Kydex shells are 50% thicker than most other hybrid holsters, because our design allows for retention adjustment. Other holster makers use rivets to attach the Kydex to the leather. Because those rivets are fixed and non-adjustable, the kydex must be thin enough to “flex” around the gun as it is withdrawn. Flexing can cause cracks over time and requires a much thinner plastic. Our holsters incorporate adjustable screws where others use rivets. Because of the adjustable retention screws, we can use a much thicker plastic that doesn’t have to flex. Another benefit of this design is that you can set the tension to your own requirements. You may need a really tight grip for a mountain-biking excursion or you may want a somewhat loose grip for a fast and effortless draw. The choice is yours!

We took a long time tracking down the absolute best hardware we could find to hold everything together. No cheap rivets here. You will get high quality black oxide coated screws, finishing washers, and t-nuts.

These are the same materials that we use to make our own famously reliable holsters. This kit will build a holster that is sure to become your “Old Faithful” companion that is always there when you need it.

Kits Page