Molding Kydex Clips

  1. Round out the edges to start.
  2. 36 grit sandpaper or a grinding disc works great for shaping rough cut Kydex.
  3. You can just hold the Kydex strip and make swipes at the sandpaper.
  4. Once it is properly shaped, finish it out with a little sandpaper.
  5. It is best to only use a heat gun for the clips so you can keep the heat where you need it.
  6. Start with the end and mold it first.
  7. You’ll need a 1 1/2″ template to form your belt clips unless you use a different size belt.
  8. Get the end hot and place the shiny side up on a flat surface and lay the belt template on top of the Kydex with just the tip exposed.
  9. Bend the tip up flat against the edge of the belt.
  10. Heat the clip again about 1 1/2″ from the tip, but be careful not to re-melt the tip that was just formed.
  11. Place the belt template at the end of the clip against the tip and bend the Kydex strip around until it completes the loop.
  12. Press down with a flat object, such as a butter knife and hold it for a couple of minutes until the Kydex has cooled.
  13. If you let go too soon, you may notice a gap in the clip. This is undesireable, because it may slip off of your belt (reheat and repeat).
  14. Next, drill some holes into the belt clips with a 3/16 drill bit. Cut off the excess Kydex at the bottom and round the edges.

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