Usages of Appendix Carry Holsters

Appendix carry holsters are IWB holsters that can be worn on the belly or on the sides. The best quality appendix holsters always make it a point to hold the gun vertically with the body at the time of carry thus providing maximum comfort and ease of carrying. Appendix carry holsters are used for carrying a gun in the best concealed way. It is often used by security personnel, to keep their firearms out of the sight of common people. It can be a terrific way of carrying a concealed handgun for the purpose of personal security.


Appendix holsters enable the users to carry a handgun with ease concealed under their normal clothing. While using an appendix carry holster, you need not wear a jacket or an un-tucked shirt to conceal your firearm while carrying it. These holsters plug on the inner side of your waist belt and nicely hide the gun under your trouser.  The best quality appendix holsters keep the gun fixed on the same place where it has been placed and restrict any movement unless pulled out intentionally. The holster also provides full coverage to the trigger from any other objects. Many new users of IWB holsters complain of discomfort while wearing the holster with the gun for the whole day. The right appendix holster chosen with proper care and keeping the requirements in mind, can be the best and most comfortable option to carry a handgun. See Appendix Carry Holsters for more information.

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