Q: What is the warranty on assembled holsters and holster kits?


A: If your holster breaks within FIFTY years, we will fix it. Free. Even the clips. Just send it back to us and we will make it right. Period.

Q: What if I don’t like it?


A: Wear it for a month and if you don’t love it, you’ll get a complete refund and you can keep the holster! We dare you not to like this holster.

Q: Are these holsters tuckable?


A: Absolutely. When your shirt is tucked in around the holster, only the belt clips are visible.

Q: Do you offer a military discount?


A: Yes we do! Active duty, Reserves, and Guard get 20% off. Veterans get 10% off.

Q: How do I get the discount?


A: Active duty, Reserves, and Guard use coupon code “military” when checking out. Veterans use coupon code “veteran” when checking out. Your order will be processed after you send proof of active military service or veteran status. Active duty service proof can be anything that shows you are on active duty. Veteran proof can include a DD214, or a military certificate showing rank, etc. Pictures can be scanned or taken with a cell phone and emailed to sales@oldfaithfulholsters.com.

Q: What’s the best way to wear an IWB holster?


A: Go to “How It’s Worn” for more information

Q:Do you make left handed holster kits?


A: Of course! Just add the holster to your cart and pick which one you want.

Q: How do I adjust the tension?


A:First, make sure that your pistol is unloaded. Second, keep the pistol pointed in a safe direction when performing this procedure (even when it is in the holster). Next, put the holster on and and insert the pistol. Your belt will tighten up the tension, so it is important that your tension be set while wearing a belt. Try drawing a few times and see how it feels. If you want more retention, tighten the retention screws. If the pistol is too hard to withdrawal, loosen the tension screws. Your holster may have come with extra screws to aid in your adjustment. If you cannot tighten/loosen the holster enough, then change the screws. If you need a longer/shorter screw than you were provided, contact us for free replacement screws.

Q: How long does it take to complete an order?


A: We are very busy right now trying to keep up with the gun buying frenzy. We are shipping most orders in 3-4 weeks. However, it may take up to six weeks depending on how busy we are. We know this is a long time to wait and we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: What shipping method do you use?


A: We use USPS Priority and First Class Shipping. Average delivery time is 2-5 business days once it leaves us.

Q: How much is shipping?


A: Shipping is calculated by your location and the weight/size of the items you ordered. The average holster costs $7-$8 to ship. Additional holsters usually add $1-$3 to the shipping cost.

Q: Do you offer International Shipping?


A: We only ship to the United States and its territories.