How it’s worn

How to wear

Your tuckable holster should be positioned where it is most comfortable for you, but many people have found that the most comfortable position is at “4 o’clock”. When the holster is worn in this position, the pistol will be almost directly above your back pocket. This may or may not be the most comfortable position for you so don’t be afraid to try different positions, cants, and ride heights.

How to adjust holster

  • Your new tuckable holster is designed to be adjustable for cant, ride height, and retention.
  • To adjust the cant, adjust the back and front clips in opposite directions.
  • To raise or lower the overall ride height, raise or lower the front and back clips in the same direction.
  • To adjust the retention for a looser or tighter hold on your pistol, tighten or loosen the retention screws on the shell body.
  • There is an included hex key for making these adjustments.

Note: Some holsters are shipped with different sized screws in the hardware bag, which will allow for further adjustment than the installed screws. If you cannot adjust the holster as tight as you want, look in the bag for shorter screws. If you cannot adjust the holster as loose as you want, look for longer screws in the bag. If you need a screw size that is not provided, email us.