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“At Last – The Most Comfortable & Concealable

Gun Holster You’ve Ever Worn.”

Wear our holster for a month.

If you don’t agree that it’s the most comfortable and concealable holster you’ve ever worn, we’ll give you your money back and YOU CAN KEEP THE GUN HOLSTER.

NOBODY is confident enough to make that offer.

How can we make such a bold promise?

Old Faithful Holsters makes the most comfortable and concealable gun holsters available.


Your gun will be held in place securely and hidden out of sight until you need it, without sacrificing comfort.

If you don’t think comfort, concealment, and pricing is important, don’t buy from us. There are plenty of holster makers out there who don’t concern themselves with any of that.

Compare Old Faithful Holsters any Other Gun Holster.


The Choice is Clear

Old Faithful Holsters vs Crossbreed Holsters vs Galco King Tuk


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Our gun holster is superior to any other gun holster on the market.

We know that is a bold claim to make, but have a look at the comparison chart above and see for yourself. We offer better materials and more features.

Don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve made gun holsters for many of the biggest names in the firearms industry.

People like Tom Gresham, Mark Walters, and even Lars Larson have an Old Faithful Holster. Even undercover law enforcement officers are using our gun holsters.

But that isn’t nearly as important to us as our biggest endorsement … our customers!

satisfied concealed carry holster owners


We’ve sold many thousands of holsters and we consistently maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rate. We couldn’t be prouder of their approval.

Why is Old Faithful Holsters

Taking the Gun Holster World by Storm?

People who carry concealed are fed up with gun holsters that are uncomfortable, conceal poorly, and that cannot securely hold their gun. When carrying a gun is an uncomfortable chore, it is often left at home instead of being with you when you might need it. Don’t be left unarmed when your family needs you.

When you try on an Old Faithful Holster for the first time, you’ll immediately feel the comfort. You won’t wince from the sharp jab of cold steel. They are designed to keep the hard edges of a gun comfortably off of your body without sacrificing concealment.

Your skin will only feel the soft, comfortable, high quality leather.

You’ll have easy access to your gun, but it will be out of your way until you need it. A common customer remark is “I forget I’m wearing it most of the time.”


That’s Not All They’re Saying!

Here Are Just a Couple of Examples.


I received my first Old Faithful pre-assembled IWB about a month ago and was very interested in evaluating this product. As a certified firearms instructor I train hundreds of students each year in discreet, legal concealed carry here in Oregon, and always discuss various methods of carry with my clients.

I was impressed with the quality of construction – the leather is thick, with a generous surface to protect the wearer from the pistol surfaces. The outer Kydex shell is the thickest I have seen used in IWB construction – a real benefit in my experience, as I have seen holsters with less material crack and break under regular use.

The hardware used to attach the Kydex outer shell to the leather backing is of superior quality, and adjustable for tension (as opposed to some other manufacturers’ practice of using rivets); your design, coupled with the additional holes in the leather base, permits the user to tailor the carry angle and height.

The holster I received had belt clips made of metal, again attached with adjustable, field-replaceable hardware instead of plastic clips with rivets. The result is regardless of holster position or angle, these durable clips can fully engage the belt/pants at the proper angle.

The real test was daily wear – after a short break-in period (as new leather on any holster is a bit stiff), I discovered I could wear this holster all day… and I have long days. This type of holster, coupled with your refinements in materials and hardware, is the most comfortable IWB I’ve worn in the thirty-plus years of concealed carry, competition and instructor duty. I was particularly impressed with the comfort when spending long hours in a vehicle, finding it unnecessary to unholster the pistol as I have in the past with other designs.

One-handed holstering is easy as it does not collapse due to its design; this increases safety, as many users with leather or nylon IWB units use their weak hand to reopen the mouth of those holsters…a hazardous move as it places the fingers of one hand near the muzzle.

Your pre-assembled IWB product, coupled with your 50-year warranty, makes this a solid choice for anyone who carries in this manner. I will be ordering additional holsters for myself and my other instructors, and showing this in class to our students that elect to carry IWB as an example of a quality product.

Feel free to use this on your website…and please point out that this was an unsolicited review; I ordered this on your website at regular price (which was very competitive, and delivery was surprisingly quick) just like anyone else. I didn’t ask for an evaluation unit, discount or any special treatment so I could render an unbiased opinion.

Keep up the good work, and thank you for making a quality product!

Gregg Smith
NRA-Certified Instructor
Clatskanie Rifle and Pistol Club
Clatskanie, OR
website: www.clatskaniegunclub.com

You’re a problem solver! Just wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with my new holster. I have a shelf full of IWB holsters and none of them have the comfort level of this one. I had it on yesterday for 14 hours and almost forgot it was there. It TOTALLY conceals the thicker Glock 29/30 frame the best and this is at the 3:00 position in a tee shirt. I wasn’t self-conscious yesterday during a grocery store trip like I usually am checking myself to see if it’s printing. I can bend over without having the grip/butt sticking out because it seems to wrap tightly to the body. I used to unholster in the car because it was too uncomfortable driving. Not anymore. When I took it out of the package my wife says, “that looks bulky, you’re gonna wear that!” And when I first looked at “hybrid-type” holsters I thought the same thing. I was totally wrong. This thing distributes and balances the weight evenly. Thanks again. Great product for a great price.

J Tate

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Watch This Video

To See How to Wear and Use Our Gun Holster.

Video Presented by Holster Expert Thomas Tedder – Owner of Old Faithful Holsters


Don’t wait to order. Due to high demand, current production time is about 2 weeks. The sooner you order, the sooner you’ll get your new gun holster. (Charges are applied at the time of purchase).


Watch This Video

To See Old Faithful Holsters’ Features

Video Presented by Holster Expert Thomas Tedder – Owner of Old Faithful Holsters


The secret is in the design.

It starts with the perfect shape for a natural draw and all-day comfort. We use thicker leather, which is more comfortable. Others use cheaper 8oz skirting leather, while Old Faithful Holsters only uses high quality 10-12 English Bridle leather.

Another advantage of our leather is that it has waxes and sealers embedded right into it during the tanning process. Our leather will never wear out, nor will it ever need any maintenance of any kind.

Our American made leather is drum dyed and hot stuffed and needs no finishing. After drum dying it is impregnated with the perfect formula of waxes and oils to create a durable yet flexible leather.

The outside edge of the gun holster has a kydex shell that is precision molded for an exact fit. It is specifically designed not to collapse when your pistol is pulled out of the holster.

We use .093 kydex in our gun holsters, while our competitors use .060. It is 50% thicker and about 100% stronger. This means your holster will stand up to any abuse you can throw at it.

It also means that the kydex shell won’t crack after repeated use (a far too common problem with .060 kydex holsters).


Screws Are Better Than Rivets.

Our competitors will tell you that “rivets work fine”. What they won’t tell you is that after their gun holster breaks in, it may become loose and you’ll have to mail it back for repair. What a hassle!

Don’t you agree that you should be able to adjust your gun holster’s retention at home?

We think so too.

You should always demand a retention adjustment feature and black oxide hardware when selecting a holster. Not just because retention changes over time, but also because people are different.

Some holster users prefer a loose/quick draw and some prefer a tight/secure hold. Bottom line – you deserve the freedom to choose your OWN level of retention.

Our Belt Clips Provide You the Stability You Demand.

The clips make sure your gun holster doesn’t come loose when you draw your weapon. The Stage 3 gun holster kit includes sturdy steel belt clips instead of plastic clips so you’ll know your holster will perform properly when you need it to.

They are heat treated and are coated with black oxide so they won’t rust or lose their shape, no matter how many years of service they give you.

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gun holsterExpertly Engineered to Conceal a Handgun Better

gun holstersExpect the Best – Nobody Uses Better Materials Than Us. Period.

iwb holsterMore Features Than Any Other Brand



concealed carry holsterConcealment is Our First Priority of Design.

ccw holsterThe Only Time They’ll See Your Gun is When You Want Them To



kydex holsterYou Deserve Options – We Offer Over a Dozen Different Colors

Dare to Compare – Our Quality is Second to None. Guaranteed!



Black Leather is a Popular Choice – We Use Only Drum-Dyed Leather.

Your Holster Conceals Inside Your Waistband



Digital Desert Camouflage – Who Else Offers That!



Digital Forest Camouflage – Blend Into the Forest!


Faux Carbon Fiber Gives a Cool Modern Look


This kit will build an IWB gun holster that is sure to become your “Old Faithful” companion that is always there when you need it.