Old Faithful Holsters Design Explained


If you’ve tried lot’s of other holsters and think it’s impossible to comfortably conceal a pistol you’ll be amazed at how well our holsters perform. Every holster we make was designed first and foremost to be highly concealable.

The element of surprise is very important in a self defense situation and a holster that gives you away is lowering your odds of survival. Our inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters are designed to be completely tuckable. The only visible parts are the discreet clips that attach the holster to your belt. Concealability is very important, but it is not the only trait of a good holster.

We also firmly believe that a holster has to be comfortable, because if your holster isn’t comfortable the odds increase that you will leave home without it. I’ve heard the old saying that “A gun shouldn’t be comfortable, it should be comforting”. I couldn’t disagree more; it should be both. If you can’t comfortably carry your gun all day, you’ll find times when you just leave it a home. Criminals don’t wait for you to be ready so if you intend to always be able to protect your family and yourself, you absolutely MUST learn how to comfortably carry your pistol.

Our holsters are designed with a very nice piece of leather to keep the gun off of your skin. The shape has been designed to allow a fast, confident grasp on the grip of the gun and wide tabs to help distribute the weight of your gun.

The plastic outer shell that won’t collapse so you can re-holster your weapon easily with one hand. You won’t find a more comfortable holster anywhere and that’s written right into our guarantee.

When we designed our holster, we didn’t stop at comfort and concealability. We made sure that it is also the most functional holster available. Most other hybrid holsters use rivets to attach the shell directly to the leather. This is OK when your holster is new, but it can cause problems when your holster has had time to break in. What happens is that over time the leather begins to form to your body, but what you may not realize is that the leather also forms to your gun. On the back of the holster, the leather may bulge and create a pocket around the gun, which loosens the holster. If your holster has rivets, the only way you can tighten your holster is to either cinch in your belt or remold the plastic yourself.

Our holsters are designed better. We have an adjustable retention system, which allows you to tighten or loosen the holster as you see fit. So after your holster has been fully broken in, if it has loosened, all you have to do is tighten the screws that hold the shell to the leather.

Our holsters are also adjustable for cant and ride height. If you want your holster to have a different angle, just raise or lower one of the clips. If you want your holster to ride higher or lower on your waist, all you have to do is raise or lower both clips in the same direction.

All of these features make our holster highly concealable, incredibly comfortable, and very functional. It’s very important that you choose a holster that has met this criteria, because you will be more likely to carry your weapon to protect your family and yourself from criminals who have no regard for human life.

Try our holster for a month. If you don’t agree it’s the most comfortable, concealable holster you’ve every worn, we’ll gladly buy it back with no questions asked. Our holsters also come with an unconditional and fully transferable 50 year warranty.

So check out our list of gun holsters from our website to find the holster for your gun and send us an email support@OldFaithfulHolsters.com if you have any questions.

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