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Concealed carry is catching on in a big way. Times have changed dramatically from a few short decades in the past. Not that long ago a ‘total handgun ban’ was a popular idea and most Americans viewed the second amendment as a right to own rifles and shot guns, but not handguns. Thank goodness things are finally starting to get better; however, there is still a lot of work to do. We all need to be familiar with a good pro gun argument. The tired arguments of the anti-gun establishment persist and it is left to us to ensure these mistruths are removed from intelligent conversation. The only way to do that is by knowing the truth and replying with facts when the anti-gun zealots attack with emotional or hypothetical anti gun arguments.

The anti-gun crowd has forever argued that blood will run in the streets if we allow everyone to arm themselves. They point to large cities overrun with crime as examples. They cite the high murder rates and decry all of the “gun” violence. HA! As if a gun ever committed a single crime. Their imaginary utopia of a peaceful society can only exist if we ban ALL guns, they claim. Apparently, our violent criminals will toss their hands up and admit defeat in the absence of firearms.

After the theater shooting in Aurora, CO a few months ago, Sen Dianne Fienstein hit the Sunday Morning News shows reviving her dormant pleas to Americans to ban these “semi-automatic assualt weapons” and “high capacity magazines”. However, I didn’t hear her begging for us to come to our senses and outlaw homemade bombs. Why? Well, they are already illegal, of course. Wait, if they are already illegal why did James Holmes boobytrap his entire apartment with explosives before he carried out his shooting rampage in that infamous theater?

I know … maybe it’s because criminals don’t care about our laws. Stricter gun laws wouldn’t have saved lives in the theatre that night, because that madman was hell bent on destruction and could have achieved his goal just as easily with one of his homemade bombs or probably a machete for that matter. In fact, he probably could have done much worse.

The real truth that the anti-gun folks will never admit is that we are all safer when we are ALL armed. If only two or three responsible citizens had been armed that fateful night, James Holmes could have been stopped quickly. Unfortunately, this tragedy occurred in a “gun free” zone. By outlawing weapons, we ensure that only criminals and cops have them. That scenario works out wonderfully for criminals who become more powerful than the citizens they prey upon. Sure the police would still have guns in that scenario, but they aren’t that great at preventing crime. They most often react to crime and investigate crime as proven in the Aurora massacre.

The real truth is that a firearm is an equalizer. Things are different now in most states for those of us responsible enough to arm ourselves. No longer do our wives and daughters have to fear the overwhelming strength of a sexual predator. No longer do the physically handicapped and elderly need to fear violent criminals. No longer do our husbands and fathers have to fear a drug-addicted thug looking for an easy mark.

In actual practice, the more citizens that are armed, the lower the crime rates. The logic is very simple – criminals aren’t so damned brave when their targets have the ability to defend themselves. A firearm empowers every citizen with the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones and any argument to the contrary is not just illogical, but irresponsible.

Thomas Tedder
President, Old Faithful Holsters


  1. kevin wampler


    Well said,an armed society is indeed a polite society.When the government has complete control of the helpless,the democracy ends,and the dictatorship begins.Predators are not so emboldened as they once were,but have migrated to the gun free zones,the anti-gun crowd are the first to run toward purchasing a weapon when the trouble comes down,ie;the LA riots in the nineties,multiple anti firearm celebrities were clamoring for “quick buy” weapons,but were stifled by california’s draconian gun laws,also,several of these mouthpieces secretly own guns,but to further promote their agenda,will exspouse their hate rhetoric publicly.

  2. jim vandemoter

    I am 60 years old. In less than two weeks I was cornered by young men much younger and bigger than me, asking for money. In the first case, I said no and pushed past him. In the second case it was three to one. A good friend saved me. I am going to get a ccw permit. I WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR! I will protect myself. I have been a pistol shooter for many years, so I know how to handle a pistol.

  3. Lee Greger

    With the EO that Obama signed this month to ban a long list of firearms and only having 7 rounds max for mag capacity make life difficult for the citizen to protect their selves adequately. It is becoming more and more important for a person to carry legally concealed to protect their family and themselves. Firearms are tools to be used, they are nether good or bad it is the person that uses that power to protect or murder. Remember doesn’t say “thou kill” but “thou shall not murder”, big difference. So let’s not punish the firearm, punish the person that murders (or kills not to save a life of an innocent).

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